We’re Big Time!

I guess you never know who you’ll meet.  During our recent trip to the Tampa RV Supershow, we were approached by a man who introduced himself as Sherman Goldberg.  He produced a business card showing that he is a publisher with RVBusiness.com.  He asked if he could ask us some questions, and we couldn’t quickly think of a good reason why not.  Mind you that we’re standing in the middle of an expo hall with four bazillion other people and the atmosphere is similar to a geriatric county fair with thousands of snake oil salesmen.  So our skepticism of this man’s intentions were understandable.  After talking into his two (yes, two) audio recorders, he had a photographer take a few pictures.  We then continued on with our day of looking at RV’s we could never afford and didn’t think much of it.  To our surprise, Ryan received a Facebook message from Sherman this past week telling us to look at his website.  Sure enough, there we were!!  Check it out if you want to hear someone else, besides us, talk about ourselves.



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