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Well, you found us! After having “Make a website” on our to do list for way too long, it finally happened. It is our sincere hope to earn millions of dollars, along with RV sponsorship by having this site (sarcasm), but we’ll settle for just giving back to the RV community who has taught us so much. It would have been great to document all the b%llsh!t we’ve gone through in the moment, but it didn’t happen. So, since we can’t change the past, we’ll be taking you on the magical trip of how we became full-time RV travelers. It hasn’t been all marshmallows and gum drops, but we’ve made it! We’ve become a jack of many trades and a master of none. I would treat most information you find on this site as just that; information. It’s definitely not a textbook on how to buy, fix or live in an RV. Hopefully we can keep everyone entertained with a little dry humor, some pretty pictures, and the thought of “Hell, if they can do it, then we certainly can!”

Entering the SOH (Sort of Homeless) magic time-machine, we’ll go back to a warm, spring day in 2013. We’re sitting on the patio of a local watering hole in Dublin, OH, just outside of Columbus. After coming through a typical Ohio winter where Ryan had spent countless hours training indoors for a January Ironman (what an idiot) and spring fever was in full effect. We had just returned from a weekend in Virginia where Ryan raced a half Ironman triathlon and we spent time with Kim’s family. Sad to be back home, it was after about two beers that a brilliant idea spewed forth; “Why don’t we live in a RV and travel wherever we want all the time!?” Thanks to the modern technology contained in our cellular telephones, the research began at that very moment. We knew absolutely nothing, but we quickly learned that not only was this possible, but many people had already figured out this loophole in the typical American lifestyle. Effort came in waves, but since that day, we had the goal of travelling full-time.

Fast forward to August 2015, those dreams became reality as we pulled out of our driveway in Clermont, Florida for the last time. There are countless stories that occurred during that “fast forward”, and since, and it’s our hope to share some of the successes, failures, and just plain entertaining moments that we’ve encountered. Thanks so much for your interest and checking out our corner of the internet!

See you on the road!

Ryan, Kim and Jet

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Sort Of Homeless!

  1. We are currently rent-a-neighbors-the ones with 3 kiddos across the street in HHIMR. We couldn’t agree more that this resort community is absolutely amazing! We’ve visited several nice RV parks in the last 2 years, but this one tops them all.

    The kids are actually asking to stay longer instead of heading to Disney.

    My husband has inquired about a few spots. I am usually ready to head back home after a couple of weeks on the road, but I think I could hang my hat in Hilton Head for a while.

    We are glad we saw “Lucky” and could visit your site. Best wishes on your travels. Who know, maybe we will be neighbors in the future!

    1. Hi Aimee! Thanks for checking out the site! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the resort and island so much! You would certainly not be the first to visit and leave as a new owner (or with intent on becoming a new owner). I certainly haven’t visited everywhere, but it’s the best of the places I have been. Hope to see you all back here soon! Safe travels!

  2. Ryan, love the site! Traveled through the FB portal to read your Thousand Trails post, and have been perusing your site since. We’re still in the dreaming and planning stages, while trying to capture the process in a blog we started as well TheUncommonRoad.com.

    We’re in central Florida too (Wesley Chapel), and can’t wait to get somewhere with terrain that isn’t flat. We’ll definitely be following along with you adventures. Best of luck!


    1. That’s awesome, Lou! I’ll check out the site! Yeah, Clermont area seems to be the anomaly for hills in Florida. That’s actually what brought us here originally – great terrain for cycling and a thriving endurance sports community. If you get over this way in the next month, let us know!

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