About Ryan


Ryan and Jet began full-timing in the late summer of 2015, but the process started with an idea and copious research way back in 2013.  They departed out of Clermont, Florida and still enjoys spending time in central Florida, especially during the winter.

Ryan's main motivation for seeking a full-time RV lifestyle was to gain the ability to explore this great continent.  Having a previous lack of vacations, it was time to make life one big vacation!

Originally, Sort Of Homeless started as a two-person journey.  As life often does, things didn't turn out the way it was envisioned.  For now, it's just a man with his furry best friend travelling!


Ryan (red shorts) with his best friend, Sean, at Lake Keowee, SC.

Ryan is a native central Ohioan.  After an enlistment in the United States Navy, Ryan earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Mississippi in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  During his time in college, he found a passion for endurance sports, and specifically triathlon.  After becoming an accomplished long distance triathlete, he took on a role of coaching fellow athletes.  What began as a way to give back to the sport has now turned into a full-time role as a professional, certified coach.

Ryan is a college football enthusiast- especially his Ohio State Buckeyes and, his alma mater, the Ole Miss Rebels. He enjoys a good, bourbon cocktail during a sunny happy hour and having time to be around friends and family.  After riding two-wheelers (motorized and human-powered) his entire life, he purchased his first Harley Davidson in 2017.  Now, it's tough to keep him off it.