Campground Review: Oceana RV & Camping Resort

Oceana RV & Camping Resort

2733 WA-109, Ocean City, WA 98569

Time of year I camped there: Summer (early-mid August)

Verizon Coverage: Ok w/booster

AT&T Coverage: Ok w/booster

-I was able to work and make calls without any issues. Streaming Netflix was okay but had issues with HBOGo.

Notes about the surrounding area: The campground is located a quick 10 minutes away from the nearest town, Ocean Shores. Here you will find Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, an IGA grocery store, several gas stations and a quaint beach town fully equipped with souvenir and surf shops, plenty of restaurants, rental stores, an ice cream shop and access to the beach.

-Bennett’s Fish Shack was one of my first stops in town. The menu offered several local seafood options and my meal left me satisfied.

-Cruiser’s Pizza was a decent choice for local pizza! Very small business with limited parking but I went for a late lunch and there was no crowd. I opted for the special which was a personal pizza and drink for $8.99 which was a deal considering most of the specialty large pizzas were on the expensive side at $27-$30. They also offer several burgers, sandwiches and salads if pizza isn’t your thing… weirdo.

A glimpse of the tight quarters at OceanaParticular notes about this campground and/or sites: Oceana RV & Camping Resort is a small, very basic campground located about 40 minutes west of Aberdeen, WA, which is also the closest, decently-sized town to pass “the Walmart test”. Oceana has very few full hookup sites and all FHU’s are located right by the road. The campground tops out at 88 sites and most of them are 30 amp electric with water and no sewer. The beach and ocean are what draw folks to this particular Thousand Trails. If you are not a beach fan then you will, most likely, be quite disappointed when you pull in.  The majority of the sites are found after crossing a one-lane bridge that leads to a loop in a grassy field. These sites are extremely tight and there is a major lack of privacy but there is a short trail in the back of this area that leads directly to the beach.  When I say “extremely tight”, my awning could touch my neighbors slide – that’s tight.  I’ve found, in general, that the closer the site is to water, the tighter it gets.

Amenities: Seeing that this is a significantly smaller campground than most, the lack of amenities shouldn’t be a total shocker. There is a laundromat (2 washers and 2 dryers), activity center with free wifi that was slow but definitely usable, horseshoes, volleyball court and, as previously mentioned, a trail to the beach/ocean. There is one dump station that is located at the front of the park where the full hookup sites are located.

Much to my surprise, I was delighted to learn that Oceana DOES accept packages from USPS, UPS and FedEx with no charge.  Of course, this is subject to change at any point, so your experience may vary.

I really didn’t feel that the campground was lacking much as I had everything I needed to be comfortable, but I could see how adults traveling with kids could say the campground leaves something to be desired.  The beach is truly the reason that folks come here.  This is why all the pictures I took were of the beach and ocean, instead of the campground – sorry!

My experience: I was slightly disappointed with my stay here but there were some factors that were beyond the campgrounds control and it, unfortunately, affected my experience. I pulled in on an unseasonably hot afternoon and, luckily, was able to grab the last spot available on the outer loop of the section closest to the ocean. There was also one full-hookup site available but there was a slim chance Lucky would have been able to squeeze into it. The lack of satellite reception and distance to the road also were factors that turned me away from parking there for the sixteen days I had intended to stay. After the first weekend I was there, the campground cleared out for the most part. Most likely due to the un-beach-like weather and/or kids beginning to go back to school.

I had a solid week and a half of overcast skies during my stay and the marine-layer that surrounded the shore created a constant mist that made being outdoors less than optimal (read: miserable), which was so disappointing as I wanted to explore more on the beach and looked forward to sitting outside around a fire. The temperatures stayed in the upper 50’s and 60’s for the majority of the day and the humidity was in full-force…as were the mosquitos! Don’t get me wrong, humidity and mosquitos are usually automatic when near the water, so it’s not exactly unexpected.

I took a drive out to North Jetty one afternoon and climbed out onto the rocks for a bit when I got a little stir crazy from being sheltered in the RV. If the weather had been a bit more pleasant, I would have gone out for the day but it was quite chilly and misting.

My favorite activity during my stay at Oceana was being able to ride my fat-tire, electric bike from the campground into town ON THE BEACH.  Much of that stretch of beach is open to vehicular traffic, so the sand was packed enough to not make it a chore – that, and the electric motor.  When the weather was cooperating, it was a very enjoyable ten mile round trip to Ocean Shores and back.

SOH Score (1-10, 10 being the best campground imaginable): 5.5- I would give Oceana another shot but I was a bit relieved when it was time to hit the road. In fact, I actually left the evening before my scheduled departure date. The lack of sewer, super tight sites and dreary weather had me ready to move on!

Have any questions about this park?  Have you stayed there and have a different take or something to add?  Send me a message or comment below!

See you on the road!

Ryan and Jet

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  1. Good writing! I enjoyed your review…it’s always helpful to have a bit of a heads-up before arriving! Sounded to me that if the weather had been much nicer, you would have enjoyed it quite a bit more. Please keep posting. Thanks! ❤️

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